It's Time
For an Eye Care

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals develops innovative and impactful ophthalmic therapies for the ocular surface and anterior segment. We’re a fast growing company built on the desire to lead change. Our team is driven by a single, unified message:

It’s time.

It’s time .

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Commitment to the Extraordinary

Eyevance is building a foundation of impactful product offerings for the ocular surface and anterior segment while developing a pipeline of cutting-edge technologies that serve significant unmet needs. We will never stop learning, growing, and developing, and we refuse to be outworked in our pursuit of the extraordinary.

“Through the eyes of our doctors and patients, we choose to do the extraordinary.”

– Jerry St. Peter, CEO and Director



We consistently engage, communicate, and interact with our customers, providing the support and resources they need to do what’s right for their patients.

Ophthalmic Expertise

Ophthalmic Expertise

Our team of entrepreneurs brings an unmatched level of experience and know-how, while keeping a fresh, new perspective on the traditional business model.

Socially Responsible​

Socially Responsible​

At its core, Eyevance exists to provide affordable medication to all patients without discernment, and to find innovative solutions to their eye care needs.

We’re excited to announce: 

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals Acquired by Santen Pharmaceuticals