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(cetirizine ophthalmic solution) 0.24% 

Ocular itch associated with allergic conjunctivitis


(fluorometholone acetate ophthalmic suspension) 0.1%

Ocular Inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea and anterior segment


(tobramycin/dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension) 0.3%/0.05%

Ocular inflammation with presence or risk of infection


(natamycin ophthalmic suspension) 5.0%

Treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratisis


(polyvinyl alcohol/povidone) 2.7%/2.0%

Temporary relief of symptoms of dry eye

TobraDex ST logo

TOBRADEX® ST advanced suspension technology makes the difference when treating steroid-responsive inflammatory ocular conditions for which a corticosteroid is indicated and where superficial bacterial ocular infection or a risk of bacterial ocular infection exists (blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)). 

Using a combination therapy enhanced with XanGen™ provides an optimized and consistent delivery of tobramycin and dexamethasone in every drop. The suspension technology (ST) makes the difference with increased viscosity by allowing longer retention of drug concentration on the eye resulting in greater bioavailability than TobraDex®.


ZERVIATE® with Hydrella™ delivers the proven power of Zyrtec® in an ocular formulation designed to alleviate ocular itch associated with allergic conjunctivitis in your moderate to severe patients. ZERVIATE® safely delivers a rapid 3-minute onset of action and 8-hour duration, while the Hydrella system provides comfort with each drop. INITIATE ZERVIATE®

FLAREX® provides the power of Pred Forte* 1.0% with the safety of FML*. When it comes to ocular surface inflammation, FLAREX is a proven winner. FLAREX is a steroid ester and the only acetate derivative of fluorometholone. The acetate group improves lipophilicity, allowing greater penetration across the cell membrane.

Natacyn logo

NATACYN® is the first and only FDA approved ophthalmic antifungal with over 40 years of proven safety and efficacy. With over 27 countries relying on NATACYN® to treat fungal infections caused by susceptible organisms including Fusarium solani the World Health Organization (WHO) has placed NATACYN® on the Essential Medicines list.

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FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) gives nurturing relief to patients suffering from dry eye symptoms, while reducing further irritation.

FRESHKOTE® PF’s unique patented polymer blend of polyvinyl alcohol and povidone is designed to support ALL layers of the tear film and was scientifically developed to result in high oncotic pressure when on the ocular surface.